María Eugenia Castelli, Argentine, from Córdoba City.
Degree in Fine Arts, graduated from the Superior School of Fine Arts Dr. Figueroa Alcorta in 1983.
I worked for five years with the art critic Beatriz Lozada, who was trained in France.
Nowadays and for 20 years, I have been part of the Vía Margutta Gallery. This Gallery is considered the most relevant of the Argentinian inland.
Since young I participated in competitions achieving numerous awards.
Every year I take part in collective and individual exhibitions, for galleries, Art fairs, museums and institutions.
Some of the Galleries and Museums I worked with in Córdoba, Argentina: Praxis Gallery, Sonia Levy Gallery, Martorelli-Gasser Gallery, Ma. José Granillo Gallery, Zurbarán Gallery and Vía Margutta Gallery. Emilio Caraffa Museums, Evita Museum, Ferreyra Palace and Genaro Pérez Museum.
In the city of Buenos Aires I worked with the oldest Art Gallery: Van Riel, as well as the Sara García Uriburu Gallery, Via Margutta Bs. As. and Aldo de Sousa Gallery.
Some of my artworks were also exhibited at International fairs such as “Arte Ba” (Argentina), “Fair in Panama” (Panamá) and “Arteamérica Miami” (United States of America).
Exhibition and auction at Durban Segnini Gallery (United States of America)
My artwork is also part of private collections as well as exhibited in numerous public buildings, Banks, Institutions, Hospitals and Corporate Buildings.
Some of these are:
Santander Bank, Galicia Bank, Patagonia Bank, Capitalinas, GNI, Gama, Inderco, Marchesini, Bethany, Zurich Insurance Group, Allianz Insurance, Osde Medical Assistance, Oulton Medical Institute, Swiss Medical Assistance, etc.

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